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To replace a damaged Jamaican passport, the following documents are required:-

Completed Passport Application Form: Download Here

  1. If applicant is/was married, complete Section B.  
  2. Section E must be signed and dated by applicant
  3. Two (2) passport size photographs
  4. Birth Certificate (original format)
  5. Last valid JA. passport, if available and signed STATEMENT explaining circumstances of damaged passport
  6. $200 (US) money order or cashier’s check ONLY!

If these are being mailed, please note following instructions clearly:-

  • One of the photographs must be notarized by Notary Public. (DO NOT STAMP PHOTO)
  • Section G must be signed and sealed by Notary Public
  • Send payment in Money Order made payable to Consulate General of Jamaica

Mail completed application documents to:

Consulate General of Jamaica

Suite 400 – Courthouse Towers

44 West Flagler Street

Miami, FL 33130

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The process for renewal is the same as the process for a new passport application with the exception that you will also complete the “Recent Passport” section (SECTION D) of the application form with the old/expired passport details as well as submit the old passport with the renewal application form.

Please see instructions here:

Further instructions/requirements are available on the PICA website here:

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  • Garnett Townsend says:

    Just want to make an appointment to renew my passport in Atlanta with the passport office in October.

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    We recommend submitting your passport renewal application about six months prior to its expiration date.

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