The process for renewal is the same as the process for a new passport application with the exception that you will also complete the “Recent Passport” section (SECTION D) of the application form with the old/expired passport details as well as submit the old passport with the renewal application form.

Please see instructions here:

Further instructions/requirements are available on the PICA website here:

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  • Winston R Facey says:

    Good Evening,

    I need to renew my passport,but I am not eligible to do it online and I cannot schedule an appointment online, should I call to make an appointment?

  • pauline lino says:

    just want to renewal my passport

  • 184 03 144th rd Springfield gardens queens New York 11413

  • Hillary says:

    Asking this question on my friend’s behalf.
    He would like to obtain his Jamaica Passport, that was expired over 30 years now.
    He does not have the old passport, and do not know the passport number or expired date.
    How do he go about applying for a new one without this information?

  • Garnett Townsend says:

    Just want to make an appointment to renew my passport in Atlanta with the passport office in October.

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