Passport Application Requirements

Kindly pay special attention to the following guidelines when submitting your passport applications.

All supporting documents should be original and not photocopied.

For Payment options and cost – see Fees

The following are instructions for the completion of the Jamaican passport application form. Please pay close attention to the following:

  • Ensure the applicant’s signature is affixed in the CENTER of the signature box at the top of page 2.
  • Married men or women are to complete Section B.
  • A Consulate Official will indicate the document number and date of issue of all submitted documents in Section K.
  • Complete Section C for children under 18 years old. The parent’s or legal guardian’s signature must be placed on the line in Section C. The parent giving consent MUST be on the minor’s birth certificate.
  • The parent or legal guardian is required to submit a valid state issued valid picture identification.
  • Tick the appropriate box in Section E and affix your signature to the signature line.
  • Section F must be completed with the name and relationship for your emergency contacts.
  • Section G must be signed by a Notary Public, Jamaican Honorary Consul or Jamaican Diplomatic/Consular Officer. If the form is being signed by a Notary Public, please note that the date required in Section G is the date on which the application was witnessed and not the date of validity of the commission of the Notary Public.
  • Persons who are required to wear headgear for religious purposes, must complete Section H.


Photographs must be taken at a PROFESSIONAL photo studio. Instant photos are not acceptable. When taking your photographs, please follow these guidelines:

  • Do NOT smile
  • 2 identical photographs are required
  • Photographs should be taken in colour with a matte/dull finish, against a plain background
  • Applicants of light complexion should avoid wearing white clothing and should have photographs taken against  a pastel shaded background
  • Applicants of dark complexion should wear coloured clothing and photographs should be taken against a white background.
  • Applicants with grey/white hair should have their photograph taken against a pale blue or pastel background
  • There must be no other person or object in the photograph
  • There should be no background shadows
  • A full frontal pose is required
  • There should be no creases or ink marks on the photograph
  • Exposed shoulders and chest must be avoided
  • Brightly coloured clothing is not recommended
  • Eye glasses should not have tinted lenses
  • Heavy (thick) frames should be avoided
  • Headgear is permitted ONLY for religious purposes. Facial features including the outline of the face from the bottom of the chin to top of the forehead must me clearly shown
  • Photographs submitted with an application become the property of the Government of Jamaica


On page two of the application form, there is a rectangular signature box at the top of the page. Please sign in the middle of the box. Signature MUST NOT touch any of the lines. Applicants must also sign declaration. BOTH signatures MUST be identical.

Examples of the signature box and the declaration are shown below:

signature box

Birth Certificates

The Registry of Birth document is not a birth certificate and is not acceptable.

A certified copy of your birth certificate can be obtained from the Registrar General’s Department,