To replace a damaged Jamaican passport, the following documents are required:-

Completed Passport Application Form: Download Here

  1. If applicant is/was married, complete Section B.  
  2. Section E must be signed and dated by applicant
  3. Two (2) passport size photographs
  4. Birth Certificate (original format)
  5. Last valid JA. passport, if available and signed STATEMENT explaining circumstances of damaged passport
  6. $200 (US) money order or cashier’s check ONLY!

If these are being mailed, please note following instructions clearly:-

  • One of the photographs must be notarized by Notary Public. (DO NOT STAMP PHOTO)
  • Section G must be signed and sealed by Notary Public
  • Send payment in Money Order made payable to Consulate General of Jamaica

Mail completed application documents to:

Consulate General of Jamaica

Suite 400 – Courthouse Towers

44 West Flagler Street

Miami, FL 33130

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  • Sonia young says:
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    My passport was lost in the USA, how do I replace it at an expedited price
  • Sabrina Campbell says:

    If the back page of my passport is torn do I need to replace it

  • Kimberly Smith says:

    Does the signed statement have to be typed & notarized? Also what exactly should I put for section E, I never reported my damaged passport to authorities because I’ve been using the passport still, but recently was denied entrance to another country because of the state of my passport. I need to go back ASAP. how long would the process take to get it replaced?

    • Cheng Sim Hi Hew-Wing says:

      I wanted to ASK why i have to pay For a expired damaged Passport ! I live in Austria and i sent my documents to Switzerland to renew IT

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